A new way to commute to work. 

Together we can achieve more! Commute to Olivia with your friends, neighbours, co-workers. Outsmart any traffic jam, be more 'green', save your time and money.

See how it works

Take friends and create a team

Ask friends commuting from your neighborhood or that are using the same route. Check the app ask your friends to join your carpooling team. Set up pick-up points and a time to share a ride. Let’s go!

Reduce commute cost

Discuss how you want to share your costs - monthly, weekly or daily? Maybe instead of money you prefer donuts, a good book or lunch? Discuss principles and rules in the car to make sure that everybody feels comfortable.

Collect points and get rewards

Join the competition and collect points for carpooling commute. Check how many points your team already has on the leaderboard position. For the best carpoolers we have free parking spots!

How it works

Set up your ride

Choose your role (a driver or a passenger) in the app.
Set up working days and hours. If you are a driver, set up how many seats would you like to offer passengers.

  • Choose your work schedule
  • Set up your car details

Find your teammates

Bring your friends and enjoy the ride. Set up the map – it’s easy and simple – mark where you start or where would you like to be picked-up from, e.g. bus stop, parking spot etc. Look for passengers ready to join your car or ask a driver to pick you up. Chat or call each other before the ride starts to set up all the details.

  • Set you a pickup point near you
  • Chat with the driver before the ride starts

Join the team

Create an eco-friendly team and choose a catchy name for it. Discuss cost sharing and other general rules. Remember that each one of you can be a passenger or a driver.

  • Share commute cost with teammates
  • You can switch from a passenger to a driver mode any time

Beat the competition

Any shared carpooling ride accumulates you points. Collect them as a team - the best carpoolers might receive gifts and rewards from Olivia. You can check how many points you already have and what is your leaderboard position any time. Maybe one more passenger and you will be on the top?

  • Collect your points 
  • Get gifts and rewards!

Join us

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